Maidbot's automated systems deliver unprecedented value to hotel operators, room attendants, and hotel guests.

There are three major issues Maidbot is tackling:
  1. Housekeeping is the highest variable cost regardless of the hotel.
  2. Room attendants have the highest injury rates in the service sector.
  3. Current commercial cleaning practices are inconsistent.

Rosie - the world's first housekeeping robot - cleans the floors of bedrooms as well as large areas such as ballrooms and lobbies. While cleaning, Rosie also functions as an indoor mobile data platform that collects various actionable data.

By using Maidbot's systems, hotel operators will see an increase in profitability; healthier and happier staff; and higher guest satisfaction. In addition, room attendants will be able to focus on less strenuous tasks - ultimately reducing injury rates. Finally, guests will have a more enjoyable experience through consistent cleanliness and more flexible check-in and check-out times.

Given the size and scale of the hospitality market, a lack of innovation in the field, and the potential to improve the health and safety of room attendants; Maidbot transforms the industry by leveraging the power of robotics.

By solving the two biggest issues in housekeeping – time and injuries – Maidbot revolutionizes commercial cleaning - one bot at a time.